Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone to that great catnip cloud

I am a long-time cat owner. Last weekend, one of our two cats, Mocha, stopped eating and became extremely lethargic. I took her to the vet yesterday and they pushed fluids. She came home last night feeling better.

I took her back to the vet today for more treatment, and she began to fail. She is 16 years old and has never been sick before. The vet called to tell me she was not doing well and they thought she might have a tumor. I told him to keep her comfortable until I could get there after work. Around 2 pm she had a heart attack and died.

Let me tell you about Mocha. We had two cats when we adopted our daughters. Squeak was obviously Ravenhub's cat and Fruitbat shunned everyone but me. So we took the kids to the local shelter and they each picked out a kitten.

Mocha was a black short-haired cat with touches of white. She had a plaintive voice that we immediately translated as "Oh, me or my!"

Her favorite thing was to climb to the top of the cat tower and call us over to play. We would throw a cat toy up to her. A catnip mouse or a plastic ball with a bell inside. She would allow the toy to land next to her. Then she would take it in her paw and fling it back at us. Whereupon we would toss it straight back to her. She taught us to fetch.

My daughters grew up and moved away, but left the cats with us. Squeak died at 17 years old and my dear Fruitbat died at the ripe old age of 21. For the last few years, it's been the two younger cats keeping us old fogies company and making demands.

Mocha would plop herself down next to me on the couch and demand I pet her. She loved to have her head and ears roughed up. She would bury her face in my hand to force me to rub her ears. During the last five or six years she divided her time between hiding under furniture and sitting beside me demanding to be petted.

We called her Mocha the May cat and she lived a good life. I hope her spirit is rolling in catnip heaven.


Trinity said...

It always hurts to lose a loved one, whether a fuzzy (or scaly, or feathered, or whatever) one or a hairless ape.


brownfemi said...

awwwwwwww, I'm SO sorry ravenmn. my cats have saved my life on so many levels--i know that your lovely Mocha had a good life with two lovely owners--I send lots of love to you and ravenhub.


Ravenmn said...

Many thanks. It is a comfort!

queer dewd formerly known as be elle said...

awww. i'm so sorry. i wish i could be in MN and give you hugs (even if late) and make you comfort food. for now, just a vagina hug {{{{{{{{ravenmn}}}}}}}}} and a big thanks for all your support. only now am i seeing comments that were posted over the past six weeks or so. somehow, they got hung up and never sent to my email address.

i hope you're feeling better about mocha. i miss boots and diego, who are with sonshine. can't imagine how i'd feel if i had to be there if either of them passed.

Ravenmn said...

Ah, Queerdude, I didn't know you were going catless since your move.

I sure do miss her Black Highness Mocha. She loved to just plop down beside me on the couch and be petted constantly. Which is something I actually enjoy doing.

Again, I know she had a good life. But I wasn't ready to let her go.