Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Way the Crow Flies

Just finished reading this book by Ann Marie MacDonald. I picked this book out of the stacks at the Book House in Dinkytown having heard nothing about it. It packs a wallop.

I felt as if the author was almost cruel in her persistence of portraying an abuser who suffered no consequences. And then I looked up the book on the internets, and discovered this was based on a true story. Just like reality, the abusers of the 1960s get away with it. An innocent boy was convicted of murder, while the true culprits survived and kept their secrets.

MacDonald's story weaves this ugly reality of child abuse into the ugly reality of the Cold War and the brain drain of Nazi scientists to the west. There are moments of amazing beauty in her ability to portray the confusing view of the world that we have as children who have learned about evil long before we are capable of handling the consequences.

There is also a convincing portrayal of a reality most people miss. Children who suffer abuse spend a lot of effort protecting their parents from the facts of their own lives. This comes through loud and clear in this novel. Even when the heroine, Madeline, tries to tell the truth about her life to her beloved father, you can see the tremendous effort it takes. Our parents are taught that the tragedies we experience are their fault. How convenient for society at large to be pin the blame on parents rather than focus on the sickness among us

This book affected me. I honestly don't know whether I would recommend this book to other readers. It needs a trigger warning. I wish I had known when I began the book that this was based on a true story. I would have been able to forgive the author for putting me through such pain and heartache.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy Kitty

Crazy Kitty

For the second time and two weeks, Jinx the Cat has fallen through the screens on our front porch and plopped herself into the dreaded "Outside". Tonight, we didn't realize this until around 6 pm and went wandering through the neighborhood looking for the misplaced feline. She was eventually found, cowering among the lillies of the field that grow behind our garage. I pulled her out, but had to cover her eyes to get her from her hiding place back into the house. Outside was just too skerry!

What in the world is with this kitty? Why is she ripping through the screen windows in my front porch? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

Crazy Kitty