Thursday, February 10, 2005

Last night, the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, chose a site for the March 19 anti-war event in the Twin Cities. It will be in Loring Park at 1pm on Saturday, March 19, 2005. I updated our 5x8.5 inch leaflet to include the new information and Ravenhub printed out several hundred copies to hand out at the Nobel Peace Prize event at Augsburg College this weekend. Once I figure out how to post such things, there will be a link here to indicate my latest political graphic work.

In addition, I spent a couple hours last night shopping for odds and ends to furnish the new Mizna office in Minneapolis. It was kind of fun to fill so many needs in such a short period of time. Everything got left on the front porch for Rabi'h to pick up and deliver today. Just in time, because today I received the third report from my friend in Iraq. He had visited refugee camps for refugees from Fallujah and Karballa. It is heart-wrenching to read these stories and to know that people are doing everything they possibly can and it still not enough.

Links will be provided later. I still have not figured out how to post pdfs that can be linked here. One day, all shall be revealed! If you happen to stop by and are willing to give me a tutorial, please respond below. I could really use the assistance!

In a strange turn of events, my former boss contacted me via e-mail yesterday. This was the man who went to prison for absconding with our retirement funds and for all those years of bouncing paychecks. Despite all the pain he brought to my personal life and the lives or my co-workers, I still feel some fondness toward the man. He was the only boss I ever had who recognized and backed his skilled craftspeople. Turns out his daughter has recently graduated with a BFA and is looking for work. My current employer happens to have a couple of openings, so it could be she will be working in my department soon. Somehow, despite everything, that seems like a really fine thing. I checked out the woman's website and she does have a good eye for type and graphic design.

The irony is that when I asked this man to give me a full-time job, more than 20 years ago, one of my first questions was to ask how old his children were. This was because a previous employer had the habit of laying off six or seven people every June in order to employ the sons and daughters of the owners over their summer vacations from college. At the time I hired on, this man's children were under 5 years of age. I figured I was safe from that particular employment malpractice. Now, however, I am in a position to help the child I hoped to never have to deal with all those years ago.

Life is downright hilarious sometimes. Glory be.