Saturday, March 22, 2008

The work week from Hell

I just had one of those crappy work weeks. And it ended badly. Very badly. I basically fled the place with my tail tucked between my legs. Crying.

And I hate that. Some day I'm going to write more about this. This will be just a start.

My job? Not such a bad thing. Parts of it are deeply satisfying. I like what I do. It requires skill and creativity. I produce a quality product.

A lot of people have worse jobs. A lot of people get paid less. A lot of people have to deal with more shit than I do. I'd say at least 90 percent of the world has it worse off than me when it comes to employment. Letting it get to me seems like the whining of the privileged. It's unseemly.

Most of the time, I forget about work once I've punched out. Most of the time I have more important things to think about.

But every now and then I get caught up in the hype. I start thinking that my contribution of time and effort to this endeavor is important. I buy that hype that what I can do personally makes a difference. That I need to focus and devote myself to finishing this task or that task. And I give it more attention than it deserves. I let other things slide.

I disappoint myself when this happens.

The thing is. On Monday it starts all over again. Who came up with this crappy system anyway?