Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm not inclined to like any Democratic candidate for president. But I really am amazed at Hillary Clinton's lies about a trip to Bosnia. It isn't just that she tried to portray herself as something more than she actual is. It's that she pretended, as many politicians do, that she was in harm's way when the military had to make damn certain she was not.

I remember scoffing at the idea that GW Bush was brave for traveling to Iraq for Thanksgiving in 2003. If there had been the slightest hint of danger, he would have been out of there and none of us would have heard about it.

These attempts to pretend that politicians face the same dangers as the ordinary American citizens who are sent off to war around the world is truly disgusting. Their visits are photo ops and grandstanding that in no way equates to what soldiers have to endure on any given day. The gall is beyond belief.


libhom said...

Hillary Clinton has so thoroughly disgusted me by her behavior over the years that I could never vote for her.

Ravenmn said...

Welcome, libhom. Yeah, she's never getting my vote either. It's still kind of amazing to think one could "remember" ducking sniper fire when it never happened. Must of been some extremely realistic episode of "Cops" she was remembering. Yeah, that can be really confusing, eh?

brooksmoses said...

I was recently reading a comment on this story, by a veteran who'd flown into a Bosnian airport around that time, and he pointed out a couple of things that seem relevant.

First off, one of the big things that anyone who's in charge of protecting someone like Clinton in that position is impress upon them, "You are entering a war zone. This is dangerous. Do not be stupid; it will get you killed." They then make sure that it won't get the VIP killed, as much as they possibly can, but even so.

Second, if one's not used to this sort of thing -- as the poster wasn't when his transport started flying the standard avoid-sniper-fire evasive patterns that they all flew when flying into that airport -- he said that even the usual precautions can create the impression that one's under serious attack.

So I'd have to say that I'm inclined to cut her a fair bit of slack on this particular issue....