Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whine time

Warning: do not read if you can't stand immature self-pity rants!

You've been warned.

Wednesday morning I got up feeling bad. But I trudged into work anyway. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom having the runs. Finished all my hot projects by 2 pm and went home. Sucked down some Immodium, which finally took effect after the 6th or 7th event. Then I slept. 15 hours straight. Got up feeling slightly better, but with no appetite. At all. I can barely eat an entire bagel before I'm full. Slept some more. Laid around reading. Got up on Friday feeling more like myself, except I still have no appetite. Which is very strange for me.

So big deal, right?

Wrong. Because Thursday was my birthday, dammit! Fifty-two and counting!*

Not to worry. Celebrations will occur tomorrow. Just needed to whine.


*If I had been born 5 hours later, Leap Day would have been my Sweet 16 Birthday!


cripchick said...

happy birthday! hope yesterday's celebrations were glorious and filled with memories

Anonymous said...

A big birthday hug from Finland. I hope you could celebrate at full speed! :o)


Ravenmn said...

Thanks, Cripchick!

And, tia! Wow, woman! How are you? It's been years.

Thanks for the kind wishes.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to realize how fast time goes because the face you see in the mirror doesn't age at all... ;o)
It's been a while since MCDWEHWALGDI (or how it went, those were the golden lfn days!) Has there been another fandom for ya? Mine started and ended with lfn.


belledame222 said...

belated very happies!

Ravenmn said...

Tia, I need to pick up one of those Finnish mirrors! Mine is not so forgiving! And LFN was my one and only fandom.

Thanks all for the wishes. It's been a wonderful year.