Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three things

On metafilter there is a post by some privileged white dude who decided to toss privilege to the wind and pretend to be homeless for a while. Somehow, through absolutely no attempt to assert his privilege, he managed to move out of a homeless shelter, get a job and an apartment and even save a bit of money. Then he wrote a book about it. Well, bloody fucking bully for him. The nice thing is that all kinds of metafilter-ites called him on his unfucking believable privilege.

Today I watched the movie, The Last King of Scotland for the first time. Privilege, let me recognize you once again.

Somehow, I purchased a mystery novel called Suspicion of Rage which includes a white woman married to a Cuban who visits modern day Cuban and exhibits all the endearing characteristics of the ugly American in a foreign country.

Tired now. Really fucking tired of it all.