Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The caucus

The streets were filled with people tonight. Overflow crowds meant breaking up our local precinct into two separate venues. I lined up and signed in and checked a box on a tiny piece of paper. Not that it makes a difference at all.

BUT, I came with 300 flyers for the March 15 antiwar events and passed them out as the long lines of people waited. Got great responses from everyone in line, including long-time neighbors I recognized. Coolness.


sly civilian said...

down in the southern burbs, it was a similar scene...my folks were telling me about their experience, in the 2nd CD of all places...Kline territory.

The high school was overflowing with people, and they were all there for the dems.

I'm still wary of the "bipartisan" rhetoric of Obama, but it's better than McWar...