Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been punked

Donna from The Silence of our Friends has dug up this old video of me working at the bookstore and placed on her blog for everyone to see. I especially like the part where "we" have had no customers all day, but close the door on someone who wants to come in 30 seconds after closing time!

Actually, there are lots of stories I could tell about running an all-volunteer bookstore. I once got in a huge fight with a co-worker about whether to shelve the books alphabetically!


Nathan said...

So... which stance did you argue? :)

Ravenmn said...

Welcome, Nathan! I suspected someone was gonna ask me that question.

I was anti-alphabetical because I felt it oppressed the workers. The alphabet is obviously a patriarchy driven construct of the capitalist elite!

Uh, actually, I argued against because we didn't have anyone with the time to put the books in alphabetical order and then keep them in alphabetical order once we had it set up.

It just seemed silly to make those kinds of demands on volunteers, when we were barely keeping the shifts staffed. Those were such fun days!