Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Collected Sayings

You know how, over time, you build up a vocabulary based on shared experiences? Here's some from my circle of friends:

To Burke, being Burked
Sample sentence: I can Burke you on that!
This is to one-up somebody who has just told you an anecdote. I had a co-worker who was a really nice guy and a good friend. But he also had a nasty habit of ALWAYS having a story worse than yours, no matter what story you relate. The word has been a part of my vocabulary for years, and I try to teach it to other people al the time. I have tons of friends who have never met the man who now use this term. It's pretty handy.

The idiocy was conistered throughout your argument.
This is based on another co-worker. She was an excellent customer representative. People loved her and she was very efficient. But she couldn't spell. It led to hilarious results, and this is one of my favorites. She asked me to change the subheads to bold to keep the look conistered throughout. I assumed she meant consistent. But conistered has such a nice sound to it and it really should be a word, so I've been spreading that term around as well.

Delicate Little Flower
Nothing new about this one, but something I tend to call myself whenever I either don't want to do something or when I want someone to do something for me. Always said sarcastically.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Archie Bunker's cousin Oscar, the freeloader, always used to run him down as a kid and sit on his face.

So, when Oscar died in Archie's attic, he said "Well, he sat on my face again!"

We say that in my family, when someone has messed us over, pulled a fast one, etc:

He sat on my face again!

Great for bosses and managers of all kinds, too. ;) Because, you know, they invariably will.

Ravenmn said...

That's great. Can I steal it from you?