Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There are some fairly awesome discussions going on in the blogosphere about the Yearly Kos convention and the very whiteness of it. One that sums it up bettter than many is taking place at Kai's place. Unfortunately, my old-style Mac at home cannot access his site, so I'll have to check that link from work tomorrow.

The discussion focuses on the difference between those who choose to participate with the big-name bloggers that are currently awash in presidential election politics and those who continue to support grassroots politics regardless of the elections.

Suprising no one, people like Black Amazon, Nanette and Joan Kelly are attempting to explain to a Kos poster named dopper0189 that choosing not to participate in DailyKos is not the equivalent of either a) doing nothing or b) some kind of separatist people of color-only group blog hug.

While it comes as no suprise that sucking up to the Democratic Party is not necessarily in the interests of people of color, it seems to escape notice that a whole lot of progressive white activists are also sick and tired of the same old party games.

The fact that individual people of color are able to voice their opinions in the blogosphere benefits all of us, including the melanin-deprived. No one has to post on the big blogs to have credibility or to affect the world in profound ways.

Rather than utilitizing the internetz to repeat the same old tired electorial political gamesmanship, I prefer to focus on the benefits we can achieve activist to activist.


belledame222 said...

Kos is so fifteen minutes ago.

Kai said...

You're right, Ravenmn, it's important to note that plenty of white (real) progressives have long turned away from Dem Party politics.

There's tons of worthwhile grassroots/netroots activism taking place in all communities, beyond the narrow horizons of the Kos crowd.

Ravenmn said...

LOL, Belle!

Welcome, Kai. Your site is a great example of activist to activist power!