Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting ready for a strike

Went to my second Strike Support committee meeting on Saturday and agreed to help put together a rally next Wednesday.

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If you want a good reason to support the workers, look at this lovely graph comparing salary increases over various job categories at the University:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Seem a little unfair to you? I thought so!


Daisy said...

You're so cool! You make me feel guilty for apologizing over lower-case Karl Marx in my recent post! Good luck, keep fighting the good fight! :)

And tell whoever-it-is to update the Mayday blog! :p

Daisy said...

PS: You shamed me into realizing I didn't have any socialist links on my blog, so I added the Catholic Worker! (my favorite socialists)

Thanks for prodding my conscience!

Ravenmn said...

The Catholic Workers are some awesome folks. They have a very active chapter in Duluth and Winona. We cross paths when we head out to Washington for a national demo.

I have very dear friends who are activists and Catholic. They say that the Catholic church's social policies are some of the best ever. Too bad that heirarchy doesn't follow it's own tenets!

Daisy said...

Too bad that heirarchy doesn't follow it's own tenets!

Don't get me started on that! I'm saving it for a holy day, but haven't decided on which one yet.

My comparison is always the US government. Just because the government does XYZ, doesn't mean the majority of the American people agree with XYZ, or even fully understand why. In fact, in many cases, you will find the MAJORITY DOES NOT AGREE, and the policy is instituted (or more often, selectively enforced) to protect the hierarchy itself, or the privileged people within the Church.

"Central government" was created by Rome, so it's a very apt analogy, I think. I have found people relate to it very well.