Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our Souls at Night

written by Kent Haruf, Publ by Vintage, 2015 Kent Haruf wrote several novels based in small town Holt, Colorado. I've read a few of them. My favorite was Plainsong. This takes on two elderly neighbors, both widows. One day, Addie Moore stops over at the house of Louis Waters. They've only talked a few times, Addie and Louis's wife were friends. Addie takes a brave step: realizing that they were both lonely and had both lost long-time companions, she makes a proposition: that Louis sleep over at Addie's house so they can talk each other to sleep. The relationship grows slowly, tentatively and, above all, kindly. The respect that grows between these two people is a thing to watch. Haruf writes of small moments, details from nature, the town, the habits of ordinary people. All the time we realize the heroic decisions people make when we outsiders see only choices, options and roads taken. At some point, I will need to read the books in order and take some time enjoying Holt.