Friday, January 08, 2010

Queen Emily for the win

Continuing the discussion about Mary Daly, Queen Emily points out the horror that resulted from the kind of crap the feminist "heroine" proclaimed.

I was struck by something a commenter, Kristin said in the thread:

"What became clearer in the comments thread is this widespread acceptance of the belief that the personal journeys of cis women to feminism are both sacrosanct and hugely important for the world. Sure, a number of the commenters there are admitting their fault, but it’s almost all cloaked in this narrative of “how much she meant to me and my life and my nascent feminism.”

I'm guessing this is a legacy of the old "click" trope that was a major component of second wave feminism. Pages and pages of letters to the editor at Ms were consumed by women experiencing a moment when the privilege they shared as white, middle class women, was shattered by the realization that even they *gasp* were oppressed by sexism.

It was a regular feature, Here's the article that started the meme, Jane O'Reilly's "Click, the Housewife's Moment of Truth"

There is this myth we are taught that a leader will come along who is Wise. Profound. Revealing. From that leader, we will learn something Important. If I've learned anything from young people who are using the internet to challenge the powers that be, it is that we can teach each other. I can learn more from Queen Emily, an actual human being, than I can learn from our so-called leaders and heroines.