Saturday, March 28, 2009

Soulless employment

This past week, I heard a young man explain to a group of 75 community members that his job, stocking shelves with food at a local grocery store, was soul-numbing in the extreme.

And I had a huge disconnect. Because when he said that his job was stocking shelves at a local grocery store, I thought to myself, "Wow, he's doing something concrete that makes a difference in the lives of working class people." And I thought to myself, "That must be awesome, to know that the job one does contributes to one's fellow human being."

To hear this young man say that providing food to another human being is the epitome of soul depletion: well, you know, slap my up one side of the head and down another.

I live in a world that chooses to not respect individuals who contribute to the lives of other workers.

I live in a world where a man who provide the basics of live can tell himself he is doing nothing important.

Damn. That's fucked up.


whatsername said...

Damn... That is fucked up. :\