Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pre-emptive protests

Cops raid activist space in St. Paul. WARNING, video contains harsh language.

More here.

More raids today! Read here.

For the best coverage, check Twin Cities Indymedia


Katie said...

Hey Raven, you getting together with any of the bloggers we frequently comment on? I wasn't up on getting out invitations to eat and such before the RNC started. Saw you did. Can extend such invitations if need be, even though it's last minute. -KT

Ravenmn said...

I'd love to and please do whatever you can. I was up to my eyeballs in planning yesterday's protest so I didn't have time to even think about it! I left a comment at Nezua's and haven't heard anything yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Katie said...

Just saw this--cool that you helped plan! I just joined one of the marches (economic one yesterday, the 2nd).

Not sure if I'm going to go back downtown the rest of this week, now. :-\

(By the way, I had a kid try to explain to me that the poor people's march was about rage against the machine not getting to play. (Such a march had just been about to start when the poor people's march came right by the crowd getting ready to march.) Yeesh.)