Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blessings be to the volunteer librarians among us

Malcolm at Malcolmgin has a metapost collecting blog posts that talk about What Rachel Moss Did after attending Wiscon, a popular feminist science fiction conference. I love it when a blogger takes time to put together all relevant links to an issue. It's a common practice and I've done it once or twice. Always volunteer. Always appreciated.

As to the issue of Rachel Moss' inability to appreciate women who look different from herself, I feel something between pity and disgust. Pity that she is so shackled by mainstream ideas about who is worth listening to and disgust that she lacks any creativity at all in her choice of victims.

OTOH, I am amazed by some of the awesome writing I've discovered because of this issue. Via, The F-Word I find the link to Charlotte Cooper's posts on headless fatties. Admit it, you've seen dozens if not more images of fat people in the news with their heads cropped out of the picture. I have and I never noticed how common it is before Charlotte pointed it out to me.

Dismissing somebody for their looks? Too damn easy and too popular in this world.

Choose to be a better person. Choose to have a decent reason for disagreeing with somebody. Stand above the common crowd that follows the lead of the mainstream media by pissing on anyone who doesn't follow their dictates on size, dress, make-up, etc. Distinguish yourself as someone who thinks for herself and decides for herself the worth of others based on something more than superficiality.