Thursday, May 01, 2008

Marching in St. Paul for immigrant rights

We attended a wonderful march today in St. Paul to demand immigrants rights. The weather was warm, the skies were grey, and the people were pumped up. I used my clicker to count 620 people on the march, and more met us when we arrived at the capitol. We spent part of the march hanging in a group of young anarchists who had a number of great chants:

"E! Anti! Anti-Capitalismo!"

"No Raids! No Borders! Smash Social Orders!"

St Paul march for immigrants rights - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Three Images from the StarTribune by Elizabeth Flores

Mayday st paul 2008 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
May Day St Paul 2008 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Mayday St. Paul 2008 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

From Minnesota Public Radio

Hundreds rally for immigration rights

by Jessica Mador, Minnesota Public Radio

May 1, 2008

St. Paul, Minn. — Hundreds of immigrant rights supporters held a rally and march at the Capitol today in honor of International Workers' Day.

The marchers are calling on Gov. Pawlenty to stop the deportation of immigrant workers, regardless of their citizenship status.

They also demand immediate federal action on a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Erika Zurawski is a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition.

"We planned the march in the middle of the day, knowing there are a lot of working people out there that are taking a very big risk to come to the march. But we wanted to celebrate international workers day the right way," said Zurawski.

Pawlenty issued a statement today criticizing the DFL-controlled Legislature for failing to enact his immigration proposals.

In January, Pawlenty announced executive actions requiring state employees, contractors doing business with the state and recipients of state grants to electronically verify employment eligibility.

The governor also proposed a measure that would allow police to inquire about immigration status, and enhanced penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.


Daisy said...

So where are you in the pictures???


Ravenmn said...

Ravenhub and I are in the fourth picture down, walking under the skyway. We're the two old white people!