Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carnival of Radical Action

Elle, Ph.D. and Vox ex Machina are hosting the next edition of the Carnival of Radical Action.

Here's the premise for #6:

Please get in your submissions for the Carnival of Radical Action.

...for the sixth edition of the Carnival of Radical Action, Vox and I want you to explore making radical history. How do we create and participate in radical history? And how do we chronicle it?

Some food for thought:
• How do radical activists incorporate history into their activism?
• What are the processes involved in forming radical, history-shaping movements in our day and age (i.e. how do we initiate, shape, translate into action our responses to injustice and violence against and within our communities)?
• How do we learn from the past and incorporate radical themes in our work?
Deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 29.


michelle said...

Hey, Ravenmn, it's michelle from the discussion at bfp's.

I wanted to email you but can't find an email address, but really this communication would be better on email I think. I want to ask, would you be willing to email me more about the details/specifics about what you have seen in your experience working with those organizations you mentioned (re: dealing with white people/orgs)?

This is just for my *own* comprehension of some stuff that happened/happens here that I am still trying to understand. I feel like this could help me sort out some things that are still confusing me. If you would be willing, you can email me at michelle4321 at earthlink dot net, and if you would do me the favor of deleting this comment after emailing me (or after deciding not to), I would be most appreciative.