Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Envy me!

I had a wonderful evening Monday night. Our local feminist bookstore had a reading that I learned about because I'm on their mailing list. The fabulous Jay Sennett was in town doing a reading from his book, Self-Organizing Men.

My hearing sucks, so I got there early and planted myself front and center in the comfy chairs in the basement meeting space of Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, the longest running feminist bookstore on the continent. I happened to share the wicker sofa with the amazing Ms. H, Jay's wife. Bonus points for me!

Jay read several passages and displayed his own cartoons in discussing that thing we call masculinity. I really enjoyed the balance between readings about personal experience and readings about theory.

The question and answer period was great. I really liked the things Jay had to say about how racism must be acknowledged and how letting poor people lead will serve the movement well.

In addition to meeting Jay and Ms. H, I met an Amazon worker I did not know before. Heather and I have the same taste in books and she talked me into buying two new science fiction books I'd never heard of before. That's what makes an independent bookstore better than the big boxes. Real people with real tastes who can spread the righteous word about books we need to read!

I "came out" as Ravenmn to Jay, and that led to discussions of our mutual appreciation for Bitch|Lab/Mighty Quare Dewd and BrownFemiPower, among others. BFP, Jay has instructions to pass along a hug from me to you when you next meet!

I have rarely before run into people I encountered first on line. This was an awesome and wonderful experience. If you have not read Jay's book, please consider purchasing a copy. I now have my very own autographed copy.

Envy me! I'm one happy chica today!