Sunday, January 28, 2007

Defying the cold

Nearly 400 Minnesotans defied the 0 degree weather and marched against the war on Saturday. It was unbelievably cold, with clear blue skies letting any heat float away and the winds forcing their way between hats and scarfs to chill us to the bone. And still, 400 people came out to protest the war in Iraq in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the dead of winter.

We arrived at Bethany Lutheran Church on Franklin and 25th in the Seward neighborhood. The minute I went outside I decided I didn't have it in me to stay outside for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

But then I went out and joined the crowd and the people just kept on coming. I had my hand-clicker and started counting at 1:05 and came up with 265 people. Then I talked with friends from the Military Families Speak Out committee and chatted with other activists for a while. At 1:30, I did another count and came up with 365. One activist for every day of the year!

I finally gave up and went back to the church where at least 40 people were trying to get warm. So I believe we're safe in saying that 400 people participated in this latest antiwar event.

At the church, I counted 307 people. The speeches were inspiring, especially Rick's speech for Military Femilies Speak Out. He spoke about a Marine who tried to have himself committed to the VA in St. Cloud for mental health issues. He was told he was No. 26 on the waiting list. So he went over to a friends house and shot himself to death.

Well, you know, just fuck you, America and fuck you VA for doing this to a young man with a caring wife, a 6-month old baby and a life ahead of him. You fuckers stole this young man's life for your crazy imperial fantasies.

Wake up, America. We really can't export our problems overseas. Because our soldiers come home and they bear the scars you've forced them to endure. And another family has to feel the pain of your fucked up ambitions.


sly civilian said...

as i read this, i wish i was back on the lake street bridge...

this summer, i would drive past almost every night, and if i had time, i'd park for a bit, and talk with the folks there.

Ravenmn said...

Hi Sly and welcome!

The group is still on the bridge every Wednesday evening. There are also a couple of other regular vigils, including St. Paul, Eden Prairie and Northtown.

These days almost everyone driving past is honking or waving their support.

belledame222 said...

awesome. thank you.