Sunday, March 05, 2006

Strawfeminists, continued

Amanda at Pandagon does a great job of counteracting anti-feminist arguments when she talks about the Strawfeminist that anti-feminists tend to use in their arguments. The Strawfeminist is some bitter, ugly, paranoid feminazi who hates all men and wants to destroy the future of the planet.

Today, however, she expresses joy at one such poster on her website for coming up with the argument that feminists believe human breasts aren't sexual.

Amanda explains the thought process:

1. I don't have breasts at all.
2. I don't have sexual feelings.
3. I'm so embittered about this I deny that breasts are sexual.
4. Strawfeminists ride unicorns around Vaginastan.

Of course, that slapdown led to a lot of fun responses in the comments that you should definitely read. In addition, I was struck by this interesting comment from alsys39.5 whose website is in development and also looks interesting:

Seriously though, the weird thing about the sexists who make a fetish of evolution to suit their own prejudices is that they, like the Bible thumpers, want everyone to surrender their will to an all-powerful force. With them, it’s EVOLUTION. With the fundies, it’s GOD. Either way, dissent is not an option. You will be assimilated. :/