Monday, December 20, 2004


Mother Nature put on a show this morning during rush hour: freezing rain. Yikes! I could barely make it from the the car to the door at work. It continued all day and I managed to hit the pavement twice on the way home from work. Ah, well. No damage done.

Work is still busy. I put in 11 hours again. After finishing up another huge job, I created a Secret Santa gift for one of my co-workers. It's based on the motto "Speed is Life" -- but I made sure that I made every mistake a production artist could make if she works way too fast on a job. I even poured coffee on the project. I think Margery will adore it.

Tonight we're hiding inside. There were dozens of accidents today and there's no need to add to the totals. Just a couple of links to add:

The 12 Sexually Transmitted Infections of Christmas!

Probably not safe for work, although the stick figures have tiny stick penuses. You can find it

Scared of Santa photo gallery

Real pictures of people not quite enjoying their visit to Santa Claus can be found here.

More tomorrow!